Mark Knopfler Happy 60th Birthday Page
Joyeux anniversaire Mark

Mark Knopfler is going to celebrate his 60th birthday in August, 12th.
You can show your love for MK's music by signing this guestbook.

A l'occasion des 60 ans de Mark Knopfler, le 12 Août prochain, l'AFMK vous propose
de témoigner votre passsion pour la musique de MK en signant ce livre d'or.

AFMK, 07/07/2009

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[ 28.08.2009 16:11 ]
Marithé (Clermont-Ferrand, France) |

What else could I wish you Mark, except than keeping on making us dream for a long long time.

I can't write poems in English, so I'm attaching one written in French that somebody might translate to you. It comes from the deepest corners of my heart!

Mark Knopfler,
Au fond de nos cœurs,
Est comme une fleur,
Nous donnant du bonheur.

Mark et ses arpèges,
C’est un sortilège,
Connaître le solfège,
Inutile, c’est un rêve.

Approche tes yeux,
Plus près de son jeu
Et tu verras ses doigts
Ne jouer que pour toi

Mark, si tu le peux,
N’arrête pas ton jeu
Tes millions d’admirateurs
T’écoutent avec leur cœur.

Marithé ;-)

Happy birthday to you, filled with love and happiness!!!

[ 22.08.2009 13:49 ]
Dmytro (Kiev, Ukraine)

Dear Mark,

Happy birthday!
Someday, I hope we'll see you in Ukraine.

Best wishes,


[ 21.08.2009 00:06 ]
Jeannette (Dunkerque, France)

Happy birthday Mark and continue for a long time to make us beautiful songs that give us happiness.
See you soon in France

[ 15.08.2009 14:38 ]
Veronika CHAUDHURI (Budapest, Hungary)

Dear Mark,
With all the love of my heart I wish you a long, happy life in good health and success,please take care of yourself for us,who so much love You and your fantastic,beautiful music.Hope to see you in Hungary,with love forever :Vera from Budapest

[ 14.08.2009 14:50 ]
Valeria ANGUELOVA (Sofia, Bulgaria)

Dear Mark,

Happy birthday! I wish you health, much love and success! Hopefully I see you again in my country!



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